Tuesday, 24 April 2018

I have send this complaint to the London Fire Brigade in the hope that   they will serve a notice on the CEO to remove the fire risk.

Dear Ms Downs ,

As you know the tragic events that took place on 14th June at Grenfell Tower has cost over a hundred lives has left a mark on our city.

Over the years we have seen manny similar tragic events, but normally they are in factories (sweat shops) in the far east  or a collapse of building on the outskirts (shanty -town) of a south American city. The only difference is  between this the others tragic events is the fact it happen only a few miles away in a neighbouring borough right on Kilburn's doorsteps in one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

I raised the issues of Fire safety in South Kilburn directly with you on the 15th June 2017 concerning George and Swift House together with the Fire Safety concerns surrounding William Dunbar house. 

As you know you refused to allow a full council meeting on the July 3th for Councillors  and the head of legal would only allow A 1/2 meeting for councillors  to raise their concerns and to illustrate the way Kilburn is being neglected by senior officers and cabinet members.So on the 4/5th of July I sent you and  all Labour Councillors pictures taken on the 03/07/2017  (see directly below) raising my concerns  about the fire risk at William Dunbar house , which were dully ignored by you and the lead members for environment , regeneration and housing . 

The risk include the placing by Brent council of Waste bins directly under balconies ,the fact there is also outside netting (which is flammable as far as I can Tell) which goes up the full length of Dunbar house, which would create a fire bridge the length of the building. This risk would increased in the  summer when windows were open and  fire would be spread by the netting and the toxic fumes could penetrate the flats. 

Inline image 

I continued  to write to officers throughout 2017 about the placing of the bins  and even moving them myself with a resident.However as it is normally the case the powers to be at the Civic Centre ignored my advice to remove the bins and place them on a concrete base nearby  .So things instead of improving got worst and the fire risk still prevails to this day please see pictures below taken on the  18/04/2018 

Inline image

What I object to is the different way Brent council tenants are treated in comparison to how the residents of the new £1, million pound flats in the area are treated. The way these residents are being being neglected by the  senior officer and cabinet councillors is unacceptable .Do your officers or cabinet members  honestly believe bins would be placed directly under a balcony in one of South Kilburn's more expensive block ?

Neglect of Kilburn 

It is clear that  Senior Brent council officers  have not  learnt anything from the Grenfell Tower disaster on how you support areas of deprivation, It was not just the fire risk that was ignored it was the way the council continue to  ignore the needs of the area in general .The Labour Party have used every piece of Land (some of it sold on the cheap) in South Kilburn, to build houses many for the private sector, which are worth up to £1million pound each.Local residents have given -up green space,had to withstand thousands of Lorries careering up and down their roads with the obvious Air and noise pollution,while they got on with lives.

The reward for putting up with these hardships was the promised a Health Centre that has not appeared and community investment.Instead the Council instructed a consultant (paying him around £40k )who never even when to Kilburn ,but drew up plans to close the Granville and Carlton Centre together with Granville Plus Nursery School .The plan being to build more private housing without any local consultation. 

I believe  the council have neglected Kilburn and its residents .Your officers and the cabinet have overseen a lack of investment in Pavement / roads probably the lowest in Brent .The residents have now been told that £1.2 million Pounds they were promised from developers Via the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), will not be ringed fenced for Kilburn Ward but will be taken from them .The money from the levy is legitimately owed to Kilburn for the hardship they endured and should be ringed fenced for Kilburn.It is illegitimate for  officers and lead members to try and take it aways from a deprive area to spend on other wealthier  areas who have not suffer the hardship of Kilburn. 

Kilburn is now facing the HS2 ( an 100 extra lorries going up and down South Kilburn's roads ) development and the council is doing nothing to ensure the community is protected from the environmental fallout and transport management . Senior officers seemingly believe  that Kilburn is a long way from the Wembley Civic Centre and therefore does not matter.

It would seem Brent Council believe that lessons to be learned were short term and everything could go back to normal , with areas of High deprivation lIke Kilburn , push to the back of the queue and their resources taken from them,.I  can no longer play ping -pong email with council officers over Fire safety issues and have ask the London Fire Brigade  to intervene and issue a safety notice against Brent Council to ensure Kilburn residents are kept safe.

I have attach of the some emails ( there are many more)  that show my desperation to get things done .All emails were either sent to you direct or you were copied in , i have redacted the names of all the other officers as I believe on this issue the buck should stop with you.

Please treat this as a stage one complaint against the you and the Council for failing to take reasonably steps to protect Kilburn residents  


Friday, 20 April 2018

Independent or not Independent 

Dear All , 
I understand the Kilburn Labour Party are very upset that I am standing for election in Kilburn.

In fact they are doing intensive canvassing and leafleting according to a mate of mine calling me an independent candidate.This is not true I am "Standing (Up) for Kilburn" candidate  but the returning officer would not let me put that on my nomination forms.  

As everyone knows Politics is in the life- blood of everybody in Kilburn.In fact one of the main national political parties was founded by a Kilburnite and I have always secretly supported that party, albeit I was a member of the Labour Party from 1983 -2018 ( briefly leaving because of the Iraq war) .

In June 1982 this Kilburn man who was already a mega rockstar who had many hit records like "All Back and hairy" , "Monster in Black Tights"  or his sensitive love poem " I am a Hog for you"  decided to form a political party. This party went on to change the face of politics in the UK.He introduce new and exciting policies and became a national hero adored by millions ( and his mum) , but he never forgot his humble roots and beginnings in Kilburn.

This Kilburn legend came close to changing the country if not the world for good.He entered the political fray to ensure his type of  policies were implemented.Unfortunately he failed to get elected in the famous 1983  Bermondsey By - election. Albeit he manage to gather an astonishing 97 votes, alas he was pipped at the post by the winning Candidate by a meagre 17,000 votes .Of course he asked for a recount but the returning officer (a stooge for the powers that be) refused.It then became clear that he was a victim of voter fraud on a massive scale,the likes of which had never been seem in British politics.

He was not put off and stood in other 33 by-election gaining nearly 17000 votes .A reported once ask him why he believe he lost so many times .He said  his policy were popular  as he had accrued 17,000 votes in the 33 by-elections  .However he said" the trick was to move all those people into one constituency and  then he would win". Wise words indeed.

I am sure you now realise the Kilburn legend is Screaming Lord Sutch  who grew up in Charteris Road ,Kilburn just a few streets from St Julians Road where I was born .The Party of course is the Monster Raving Looney Party , which he co -founded.I have had a recent conversations with the Leader of the Monster Raving Looney party Alan "Howling Laud " Hope and we agreed we will have an accreditation meeting after I win the election on May 3th . Once my accreditation has been agreed , i intend to resign immediately   unless i am given a role in the provision Monster Raving Looney Party Government as the "Shadow Minister for Beer" as I believe I have all the right political attributes including the belly.

Now that its been explained to the Kilburn Labour party , I hope they will stop calling me an independent candidate and  bad mouthing me at the door and concentrate on what the  Labour Party will do for Kilburn around the lost of up a million pound worth of  Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), or  the state of the pavements and potholes which they are silent about.

The Labour party should pay me the respect and call me The Stand (up) for Kilburn candidate sponsored by the Monster Raving Looney Party.

The Kilburn Labour has become the Nasty party , insensitive and remote from the residents of Kilburn.


Tuesday, 17 April 2018

 Kilburn Labour Party and local issues.

I recently announced  that I was standing for the council on Wembley Matters, partly because the Kilburn Labour are not interested in Kilburn issues.I was attacked By Pete Firmin who suggested I missed local branch meeting , which is untrue.

However I did stop going after April last year,because what I perceived as anti -semitism in the Kilburn Branch. 

The issues of anti-semitism in the Labour Party is topical at the moment .In April 15th 2017 ( a year ago) I wrote to the Branch raising my concerns about what was going on why we never discussed Kilburn Issues only issues on Israel.

Kilburn Labour Party have sent seven resolutions their constituency party  , all about Israel .They have send one resolution to Brent Council and you will not be surprised to know that two was about Israel.

My view

Is Jeremy Corbyn Anti-Semitic                                         NO

Is the Labour Party Anti-Semtic                                       NO

Do some Branches have an issue with anti -semitism.        YES 

I understand there is a formal complaint to the national about Kilburn Labour Party, which I fully understand.Here is the email I sent branch members.


Dear Members,
I have decided after being asked by a number of members to give you all a monthly up date of what I have been doing and what I believe was disturbing turn of events which took place at the Kilburn Branch meeting.
Well as you know momentum members deselected me after they placed me on a Blacklist ,they are really have no idea or understanding of what Blacklisting means in the TU movement . 
Well as the elected councilor, I continue carrying out my work on opposing the redistribution of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), which means that precious resources will be taken from Kilburn and redistributed to other wealthier areas like Queens Park and Brondesbury Park. 
I also carried out two surgeries this month and have dealt with the continuing housing problems ,street cleansing and anti social behaviour problems.

The events at the branch meeting.
No local issues were discussed ,but a important discussion was held on the crisis in the NHS.Various views were expressed from A+E and the failure of after care and oh yeah the importances of homeopathic medicine in the NHS.

Following that discussion, Momentum members got to their REAL ISSUES. It would seem the Chair of the branch Stephane had agreed to do a job share with Neil Nerva as the K+H political officer. What Stephane did not know was that The Kilburn momentum members objected this , because he was also on their Blacklist and rather ominously said they "did not agreed with Neil's  politic's  ".I have know Neil for many years,he comes from a distinguish Labour Party family , that have work hard for the Labour Party for at least 50 years.Neil has work hard in the Anti Apartheid movement and his family have exposed cuts in the NHS. Where as I do always agree with Neil ,I believe he and his family have played an important role in local politics, he is particularly known for building bridges with the Jewish community,working hard with Jewish socialist groups to work for a solution in Palestine. I am concerned that the persecution of Neil is more about Momentum members believe his views are not hardline enough in denoucing Israel and I hope Stephane stands by his decision and will not allow this warped personal persecution of Neil Nerva to alter his decision  and continues to work with him 

The second item that had momentum members frothing , was the fact they the Chair of Hampstead and Kilburn contituency had refused to take an item from the momentum members in Kilburn condemning the Israel Government for trying to undermine the British Government .This is based on some drunk attaché saying he did not like Boris Johnson.The Chair of Hampstead and Kilburn constituency ( who I have never met) ruled it out of order.His ruling was challenge and the momentum members failed to get the 2/3 needed to challenge the chair .Now even they say that was in order but they still want him to humiliate him and force  a grovelling apology , which I hope he ignores. 

That whats goes on at Kilburn branch meeting . Blacklisting,personal persecution and attempts to humilate officers who do not support them. 

As they say "Not in My name"


Sunday, 15 April 2018

It a long way from Wembley Civic Centre to    Kilburn.

Many Kilburn residents will never go the Civil Centre,they just pay their Rents and council Tax and get ignored by an out of touch administration who are seemingly unaware of the problems deprived areas like Kilburn face.Like every other part of Brent, Kilburn is affected by the failure of the council to develop and improve basic services.

However I will not stand back and say that Brent do everything wrong as that is not the truth. I believe the council performs well in many difficult areas like Adult Care, Housing Allocation and other stress areas.However over the last few years we have failed miserablily in Environment and Regeneration policy.

For some reason Environmental Improvements are not a high priority and are never co-ordinated.Brent is second from bottom in West London on recycling.The Labour cabinet wasted the last four years ,failing to introduce any School Environmental Education programme for schools concerning littering /dumping rubbish/ recycling or other anti social behaviour.The cabinet  preferring to squander valuable resource on private company who took them to the cleaners.They continue to increase Environmental taxes on Green Bins and Bulky waste collections

Recently the Lead Member put up the cost of the permits for NHS Health visitors from £140 PA to £330 PA, which is a staggering increase of 137 % ,when inflation is 3% (The NHS has enough financial problems without the Brent Labour Group putting the boot -in) at the same time they allowed contractors a Brent style diplomatic immunity parking permit allowing them to park on any road in Brent for £8 per week.

The cabinet also planning to put up daily visitors permits from £1-50 to £3 per visit knowing this will isolate many vulnerable people particularly the elderly. I often feel because of bad policy making by the Cabinet Kilburn is the pothole and uneven Pavement centre of London.On Friday I saw Brent were putting speed bumps on Willesden Lane next to potholes as big as footballs , without any attempt to repair them at the same time…… thats what I mean by no co-ordination.

However as much as I have concerns about Environmental policy, by far the worst policy being promote by the Labour Party is the  regeneratoin of South Kilburn.The Labour Party have used every piece of Land (some of it sold on the cheap) in South Kilburn, to build houses many for the private sector, which are worth up to £1million pound each.Local residents have given -up green space,had to withstand thousands of Lorries careering up and down their roads with the obvious Air and noise pollution,while they got on with lives.The reward for putting up with these hardships was the promised a Health Centre that has not appeared and community investment.Instead the Labour Party in the Civic Centre tried to close the Granville and Carlton Centre together with Granville Plus Nursery  School to build more private housing without any local consultation.

The residents have now been told that £1.2 million Pounds the residents were promised from developers Via the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), will not be ringed fenced for Kilburn Ward instead will be used outside of Kilburn.The money from the levy is legitimately owed to Kilburn for the hardship they endured and should be ringed fenced for Kilburn.It is illegitimate for the Labour Party to try and take it aways from a deprive area to spend on less deprive areas who have not suffer the hardship of Kilburn. 

At the same time the Local Kilburn Labour Party (at nearly every meeting) are completely disconnected to residents everyday concerns.They are busy either passing resolutions about expelling Israeli diplomats, Homeopathic medicine being on the NHS or paying women for housework.Many of these issues can be important, but NOT at the cost of ignoring the residents of Kilburn.That should have stood -up to the council.

Those who know Kilburn ,know the legend that the famous highwayman Dick Turpin used to drink in a local pub after robbing stagecoaches .So Kilburn is well used of dealing with robbers.Of course the different between " Dick " and Brent Council is at least "Dick" wore a mask.

I am standing (up) for Kilburn and hope people will support me. I will be updating during the campaign on Kilburn -calling web-site.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Dear All,

I am asking for your input into improving the environmental services available in Brent., I wonder have you a moment  to comment on the issues below.

From my observations Brent Environmental services are often very good, but are very inconsistent and have lacked direction.

It is also clear that the Cabinet continues to waste precious resources and I believe they have no enforcement strategy or are aware of the tactics needed to ensure implementation of an enforcement strategy. The Brent cabinet believe its easier to pick the ratepayers pocket,than look for solutions.The cabinet have struggled to make environmental enforcement against fly-tipping a priority and relied on unnecessary price increases to cover -up their lack of direction.I find it astonishing that the cabinet continue to Laud over their Zero -tolerance(ZT) policy which waste £100k of precious resources boosting they have issued 6000 FPN ( 99% on fag butts).They do this while conceiling  the fact  Fly -Tipping when up by a staggering 32% at the same time.

I am sure I can speak for many resident in Brent when saying if the local police started a ZT policy against burglaries in Brent and arrest 6000 burglars, and at the sometime burglaries when up by 32%. No one would think that was a success most people would call it a failure, however the Cabinet seem to think the opposite.

I believe we need to re-prioritise Brent's enforcement policy from the sound bite Zero-Tolerance (ZT) into what used to be called Smart Enforcement  which means the policy will be judged by improvements in cleansing out comes (less fly-tipping) not by how many FPNs have been issue.

Enforcement needs co-ordinating of all resources available from the council,the contractor and residents. It is important we seek Value for money to protect and improve the Environment and the cabinet should not treat the residents as a Cash Cow.

The cabinet have continually raised environmental taxes, if you have a Green Bin you pay an extra £20 and extra £35 for bulky waste collections (allowing for only one collection PA) is £55.That is the equivalent of a 4% rise in council tax this year alone. Some costs are reasonable but other are needless and wasted on paying private contractors  to sit outside tube station fining people who drop dog -ends before they get on a train. Instead the cabinet should be investing in a intergrated Environmental Enforcement strategy.

One of the biggest mistake the cabinet made was having no consultation with residents or councillors 

What I am suggesting is listed below.I am putting forward these suggestions for consultation with residents.Once  the consultation is complete I hope to gain enough support to call a special meeting of the council in November/December to discuss and implement some of the suggestion and hopefully reconsider the £35 cost for Bulky Waste collections.


(1) MAPPING    
Firstly we have to analyse the 17000 fly-tips we had last year and remove any duplication, we then have to map the hot spots in each  ward (or Village) where the there is consistent fly-tipping dumping.

Our no Dumping Signs,Warning/Information letter and Enforcement Notices need overhauling and updated.All information needs to be A (Accurate) B ( Brief) C (Clear) with a Direct Enforcement contact email and telephone number should be showing.All correspondence   should seek to be ABC.

The government legislation allows us to keep all income we receive from fines, with that income we should fund at least two ZIP team this team will deal with consistent areas of dumping.These teams will be on top of existing officers  and should be self funding via the income from the FPNs. 

All zone one (High streets or roads with a transport hub) with a time -banding collections service should be visted at least twice a week  for inspection and where possible at least one of those should be the week-end where the foot-fall is higher 

All officers should be generically trained to deal with enforcement.The service over the last year has had the wrong priorities and has been side-tracked away from Fly-tipping have concentrated on Section 87/88 of the EPA (Littering FPN)

Officers should also be trained and use
Section 33 (Depositing waste)
Section 34 (Duty Of Care)
Section 59 (Private Land )
Section 46 (Domestic Bins)
Section 47 (Commercial Bins)
Section 90 (Litter Controls Areas)
or any legislation which has replaced them

This will give Officers the knowledge to deal with a wider range of problems of areas behind shops Neasden, Edgware Road, Hassop Rd and Waterloo passage as some examples.

(5) Follow -up enforcement
Many of the problems are reoccurring problems .Brent's officer's do a good job on their initial visit and clear -up the fly-tips and many issue FPNs to perpetrators.However where they often fail is the follow-up monitoring, it is important we have re- inspections on persistent hot spots and they should be carried out once a week for the first 6 months and once a month for the following 6 months, before the job is signed off.Its is important we do not just temporarily remove the problem, its important we solve the problem.

(6) Schools and Education 
One of the great  failures of the Cabinet and the Labour group is the neglect of environmental education of our young people.Whether it be on issues from graffiti, litter, Air - quality or recycling ,they have been neglected . This is clearly a wasted opportunity .What I am proposing is a yearly environmental award.This award will paid for by a community chest of say approx £25k PA and will be funded by contractors who have environmental contracts with us.The Brent Environmental Award (BEA)  involve all schools all schools would be sent a Environmental bundle ( litter pickers,tabards ,environmental books etc) the older students would become "Brent Environmental Champions" and offered (Environmental) work experience with our contractors or the council along with other rewards and opportunities .The Younger ones would become "Litter Detectives" and learn about their local environment  and how they can improve it.I attach  a poem that was sung by some London schools (including one from Brent) which I produced some time ago. 

We need to work with our Head teachers to draw out how the (BEA) can be used in the classroom , schools are also major resource to spread information, to get out anti-littering and fly-tipping and general environmental information out to parents. 

(7) Bulky Waste 
The decision of the cabinet to introduce a cost for a bulky waste collection needs to be reviewed. I believe this decision is bad economics and bad for the environment. It would appear that the decision is purely to raise money and to cover up the inefficient service and the cabinet failure to monitor it.The fact is the residents had already paid for a free service in the street cleansing contract . At a time when fly-tipping is going up by 32% PA, residents need to understand the logic of how this policy will help control fly-tipping or increase income.

(8) Recycling 
Again this is one of the areas the cabinet have neglected. It was once the holly grail of environment but has been ignored .The council moved from a once a fortnight collection to a once a week collection and the recycling tonnage has hardly increased and overall our tonnage is down.This again is about the cabinet making the environment a priority.Tonnage can be improved by a number of ways, but mostly i believe it by information and reward.We need to analyse the wards that are failing to recycled and target them.

(9) Street Cleansing.
Street cleansing performance is  in my opinion of a good standard ,however we need to be more open and have independent surveys  carried out .At the moment we are self-monitoring,monitoring is carried out by the council and the contractor.Monitoring of our high streets is not done out of hours or at the weekend when the service often fails.I believe we need to employ an independent company like the Tidy Britain Group or another Council to monitor our services and provide us with independent surveys.

As I have said before many of Brent's services are street cleansing are often good but can be improved. The issue above are some of the areas we can improve in.I would appreciate any input you can put into this If you can reply toCLLR.JOHN.DUFFY@BRENT.GOV.UK. and call the email IMPROVING SERVICES.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Brent Democracy 

I have been charged by the officers on the standard committee , which was posted on Wembley matters this is my response.

Dear James , 
I was not informed of this meeting and only read about it on Wembley Matter on the 22nd September.No doubt the CEO and the head of legal will say I was told six months ago this would be referred to the next meeting, however it is up to you to decide, whether it would be reasonable for CEO to inform me of the date of that meeting once it has been fixed.  

Anyway I am unable to attend tonight for personal reasons.

Let  me first point out there is no independent input into the report and I refused to accept that officers can come to a decision on selective emails and therefore I refuse to co-operated unless someone who was not on the officers "payroll" was involved .

Let me get things right and state why I believe the CEO was wrong  to leave Brent  to sit on operation Gold ,I believe operation GOLD, was a complete waste of time,its not my opinion its the opinion of many  people.I strongly believe that quangos very seldom solve problems.

In the aftermath of the disaster I believe the Ministers were wrong to set up a quangos of CEOs as many of the victims believed senior officers were responsible for not listening to them. What was needed operation teams with hands on experience of logitics  and how to deal with problems that would arise from Re -Housing , Social Services , Bereavement counselling , Food distribution etc. CEO could play a role by nominating their best officers and put them into the field with resources.The ministers view that we need more 
Chiefs instead of Indians was proven wrong.

The following day I went down to South Kilburn  and identified two blocks I believe were of concerns, George and Swift House , it was later proven that the 2 buildings were vulnerable.However during the next few days neither the CEO , The lead member for housing Cllr Harbi ,The lead member for Regeneration Cllr Tatler appeared in South Kilburn, even though they were aware of SK  close proximity to Grenfell and the fabric of the buildings was similar and the  problems around the new re generation building.

The officers on site did a sterling job on ensuring all survey were carried out.I also recognised that the Leader and Deputy Leader and the MP Tulip Siddiq (Who chaired a very well received meeting) turned up to reassure residents.

However the CEO decision not to support a emergency meeting was in my opinion wrong. It was clear the meeting may have been difficult as many resident needed to vent there anger and frustration.

The CEO had a number of options of how to respond to the request from the 5 Councillors ,Cllr Chan and Cllr Hector requested a meeting via all councillor email  which included the Mayor.  

She could have supported the meeting and assist the members who were calling for a meeting to get passed, or to ignore those members of the council and use the bureaucratic tactics to ensure it did not take place. The CEO then compounded the issue saying a meeting would take place but the residents would be barred and the meeting would last no -longer than a 1/2 hour.I believe the later decision was  the worst decisionan affront to the democratic process 

I believe the CEO was wrong so I am releasing some of the private emails between the CEO and myself and other officers,which may explain what was going on at the time, read from the bottom Up.

I would ask committee members to refer the report back to allow independent input into the report.

I have other things I wish to raise with the standards which I will send you later to-day.

End Of Part One.



From: John Duffy Yahoo <johnduffymo@yahoo.co.uk>
Date: 11 July 2017 at 13:59:14 BST
To: "Downs, Carolyn" <Carolyn.Downs@brent.gov.uk>
Subject: Re: Tower Block
I am at work at the moment , I just thought you should see  that all. I will not argue with you but neither will I accept your behaviour . You never tried to contact me about cancelling the meeting , or explain your reasons you decided just to ignore me  and the others .There is a distinction between transparency and Your position that 60 Councillors should 1/2hr to questions officers .

Imagine if you show the Councillors who called the meeting some respect  and email them first  and explained.. Then you might have been able to start your Email  with 

 " I have spoke to the 5 Councillors who have called the meeting and they have agreed to withdraw their request  to enable etc , etc .

No need to reply 

John Duffy

On 11 Jul 2017, at 13:42, Downs, Carolyn <Carolyn.Downs@brent.gov.uk> wrote:
Thank you. I think many of us have been deeply affected by the tragedy at Grenfell. I accept completely that officers, myself included, should be challenged and pushed. There is, however, a distinction between acceptable and unacceptable challenge which I hope we can all recognise.


Carolyn Downs
Brent Council

@Brent_Council   #CrimeNotToCare

On 11 Jul 2017, at 12:17, John Duffy <johnduffymo@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

This is something in my draft box I should sent earlier.

Dear Carolyn,

I will try to explain for the last 2days  I have been down in SK doing some routine stuff. For some reason because of the make -up of the victims of Grenfell Tower and the similarity between the residents of the SK,  I have been overcome with concern and frustration.

I find it hard to walk among the high rise building of SK without being haunted by the imagines of the tower on fire . It is not for me bringing clothes or making donations or cooking things .I am compelled to do something meaningful for the survivors and my residents.

I have never been affected by this sort of thing before , normally I take things in my stride and just hope for the best. The reason are complexed  maybe ,it's because I was born there or the fact I know many people who live in high rises or the neglect in the area I see everyday. More "that I'll do ", than "what can we do".I am determine to change that .

Because I push officers ,it does not mean i do not respect what they do.I just want to ensure we deliver  the best possible for the Kilburn residents.

John Duffy

 15 Jun 2017, at 18:27, Downs, Carolyn <Carolyn.Downs@brent.gov.uk> wrote:
hi John

The other RPs in South Kilburn are more the council's and not BHPs responsibility. I am pretty sure that all RPs are doing checks. PHil is getting his staff to check out all RP provision in Brent, not just SK. 

Phil and or Richard - can someone please deal with the issues Cllr Duffy is raising in relation to St George's house 


Carolyn Downs
Brent Council

@Brent_Council   #CrimeNotToCare

On 15 Jun 2017, at 16:31, John Duffy <johnduffymo@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
The real issue to me is the cladding used on the new build in SK, many of these are not in our ownership and most do not seem to have external cladding . We may need a joint meeting with our other partners as well as BHP to ensure the specification used for all new builds ( and any refurbishments) are not the same or similar to Grenfell Tower.

Gary I know you said we are 100% compliant, but are we going to re-assess some of the failures which have already been highlighted.

(1) Alarm not strong  or loud enough.
(2) Design and specification of any external material used.
(3) I am not sure what information we give residents about how to behaviour in the case of a fire(This going to be a problem and believe the instruction to stay in your flat will probably changed.
(4)1HR Stairwell fire protection 

I assume we have fire stations on every floor of high-rise blocks and they are regularly checked.I am not sure how often this happens? 

Another thing that was mentioned was the lack of access for the Fire Brigade and I am concerned ( not a new concern) about the developers blocking roadways or leaving equipment overnight.This is something we could ensure is reiterated  to developers.

Richard, as you are aware I have received many complaints about George House concerning the workmanship and i am wondering if that needs a full H+S check as the general standard of finish is not of high quality and we must ensure that has not translate into other failures.

I don't expect these thing can be done overnight and there are many issues that still need to unravel during the next days and weeks, we  just need to be preparing and planning as everything unfolds

Gary a quick phone call tomorrow around 8-30AM -9am would be good 07747765738 and a another phone call from Richard about 10 would also be good.

From: Gary Wilkinson <gary.wilkinson@bhphousing.co.uk>
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Subject: Re: Tower Block

Councillor Duffy apologies, I cannot make SK in the morning as you can imagine I have operational priorities which need to take precedence around all the fire FOIs and enquiries that both LBB and BHP are being hit with, happy to join your 1000 hours call, I know that Phil and Carolyn are briefing members later today and I have issued a comprehensive briefing note in preparation for this, many thanks G

Gary Wilkinson
Director of Property Services
Brent Housing Partnership

On 15 Jun 2017, at 13:24, John Duffy Yahoo <johnduffymo@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
Gary I am make the CC for 8-30 prefer 9 as it just me and you could you come to Albert road in Kilburn.
Richard can you leave a phone call  slot for me during the day before 12.

John Duffy

On 15 Jun 2017, at 12:39, Gary Wilkinson <gary.wilkinson@bhphousing.co.uk> wrote:
Hi John I can make myself available at 0830 in the civic centre if that suits you? Regards G

Gary Wilkinson
Director of Property Services
Brent Housing Partnership

On 15 Jun 2017, at 12:38, Barrett, Richard <Richard.Barrett@brent.gov.uk> wrote:
I won’t be able to make a morning meeting tomorrow so hopefully Gary is available to discuss BHP approach.
I have provided the numbers of the currently void units on SK, note it appears most of the Peel has already been re-occupied by BDL temporary accommodation families although we do have a number of currently empty units across the estate awaiting allocation or void repair. 
Richard Barrett
Head of Estates Regeneration
Regeneration & Environment
Brent Council 
020 8937 1330
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Subject: Re: Tower Block
I can make it anytime tomorrow morning from 7 am

John Duffy

On 15 Jun 2017, at 07:50, Barrett, Richard <Richard.Barrett@brent.gov.uk> wrote:
Forgot to say it would need to be in the Civic as I am there in the morning.

Richard Barrett 
Head of Estates Regeneration
Regeneration & Environment
Brent Council 
020 8937 1330

On 15 Jun 2017, at 07:42, Barrett, Richard <Richard.Barrett@brent.gov.uk> wrote:
I don't have much availability Friday as I already have meetings arranged. Late midday only. 12.30 - 13.30.
As you will know my regen programme is new build not retro reclad which is where they appear, at least initially,  to be focussing as to possible cause. Gary will be able to advise as to BHP programme.
I have contacted a former colleague in K&C enquiringly as to their proposals for the displaced families. We will also check today as to voids on the SK Estate. You will be aware we generally seek to relet to our own TA families but we may be holding some voids. Once I know numbers we can then see if we can assist.
Richard Barrett 
Head of Estates Regeneration
Regeneration & Environment
Brent Council 
020 8937 1330

On 14 Jun 2017, at 15:16, John Duffy <johnduffymo@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
Are you around Friday morning  for a quick update , anti me early going to Ireland for a familly do friday PM.

From: John Duffy <johnduffymo@yahoo.co.uk>
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Subject: Re: Tower Block
Thank Gary , 
I do feel somewhat reassure. Its seem fairly clear from the pictures that the cladding acted like a wick and allowed the fire to spread to the underlying insulation and then floor to floor.I would not be surprise to find out all the old blocks which have not been modernised are better able to contain this type of incidences, than the new builds.
Richard,who is responsible for George and Swift House. As you are aware both properties are suffering from poor workmanship including the external cladding and needs to be investigated.
I know its a bit early but the specification of the cladding is important as either the fitting was poor or the cladding is sub-standard and i am concerned it may have been used on some of the new builds in SK
As I say there is no need to do anything at the moment , other than gather information and I am happy with Gary's response. However we need to ready with information,once the situation is clearer and at the right time and we may need to have a review with other landlords in SK.
Not sure how K+C are going to deal with the medium and long term affects of this as weekl as the lost of life ,as I understand it , the tower was 24 Fls and 6 flats on each which means 144 famillies were made homeless last night and a community broken in half.
As in all tragic incidences like this ,there will be lessons to learn.

From: Gary Wilkinson <gary.wilkinson@bhphousing.co.uk>
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Sent: Wednesday, 14 June 2017, 11:34
Subject: RE: Tower Block
Hi John, I’m around, just to give you some reassurance and as you mention we need to wait for facts and a clearer picture, its important we take a balanced approach and act proportionately.  Myself and the team have been on this since 0500 as our emergency contingency planning kicked in
We are currently updating our website to reassure customers and reiterate actions on the event of a fire. (We have very few blocks with external cladding, the ones we do we will be assessing)
We are 100% compliant in terms of fire risk assessments for all high and medium rise blocks but we are assessing external cladding risks which will take a little time to pull together.
I will be providing Phil and Rowan a position later today and my compliance teams are in planning meeting as we speak.
Hopefully to give you some reassurance I believe we are very robust on fire compliance, obviously as tragic as this incident is be assured we will identify any potential gaps and address once the facts are identified.
Thanks G
From: John Duffy Yahoo [mailto:johnduffymo@yahoo.co.uk
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To: Barrett, Richard
Cc: Downs, Carolyn; Dave, Amar; Gary Wilkinson
Subject: Re: Tower Block
I am going down to SK today.
I know we should not act until everything is clear , however we should be ready with an assurance strategy.Are you and Gary around tomorrow ?
I will email later.

John Duffy

On 14 Jun 2017, at 09:39, Barrett, Richard <Richard.Barrett@brent.gov.uk> wrote:
I have a series of interviews all day today for the Peel developer selection process.
I think Gary Wilkinson is the right person to go to in BHP. We will contact the RSL’s in SK to see if thye have any views..
I imagine we need to get a clearer insight into the cause of the fire before we carry out any significant reviews abut would agree a reassuring statement for any concerned residents might be appropriate.
Richard Barrett
Head of Estates Regeneration
Regeneration & Environment
Brent Council 
020 8937 1330
From: John Duffy [mailto:johnduffymo@yahoo.co.uk
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To: Downs, Carolyn <Carolyn.Downs@brent.gov.uk>; Dave, Amar <Amar.Dave@brent.gov.uk>; Barrett, Richard <Richard.Barrett@brent.gov.uk>
Subject: Tower Block
Dear All , 
Richard are you around today , to talk about the design Of our new blocks To see if we are using the same gladding as Grenfell Towers. It would look like both the dry -risers and alarms failed to some degree.
Also the emergency evacuation plan seem to have been confusing.  Clearly we need to gather information ASAP once the emergency services have the situation under control.However I do believe we need to meet to asses what we are going to do to reassure our residents.
I am not sure who will be the lead officer for BHP, but I would like to meet them this afternoon along with Richard if available.